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history and craft workshops for schools and festivals

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop! The children were engaged, focused and engrossed in all the learning and enriching activities that you arranged."

E Wright, Horizon Primary Academy, Kent

"Brilliant organisation!

Wonderful that children have some memorabillia to take home."

C Burridge, Great Doddington Primary School 

"In over 10 years of teaching this was the best I've ever seen, especially for such a reasonable price. All staff and children had fun and learnt loads."

M Comell & T Daly, Northborough Junior School

"We all thought it was fantastic! Children were engaged the whole day. Children who wouldn't normally participate participated and enjoyed it thorougly!'

K Willett, St Andrew's 

CE Primary School

Excellent activities - children all on task all day - a good all round experience.

Thank you so much!'

A Webzell, Horton Kirby PS

The Stone Age 

Stone Age workshop for schools Stone Age workshop for schools Stone age workshop for schools stone age workshop for schools

Stone Age to Iron Age workshop for primary schools ks1 ks2

Human development in Britain 

A fully  interactive two hour workshop designed to help children 'feel' and understand life for Stone Age humans in Britain.  Includes hands-on activites which explore the relationship between technological advancement and lifestyle 

Hands on Stone age workshop for primary schools ks2 ks1

We take your tribe on a journey through time, as we piece together the past using evidence and Experimental Archaeology.



*Costumes & make-up for all

*Drama & re-enactment

*Hands-on activities

*Every child makes a souvenir to take home

*Artefacts to handle

*Lots of fun!

Stone Age men using a bow drill...

Interactive Stone Age workshop with drama and crafts for primary school

Genuine artefacts form an important part of all of our workshops.  

Here, Experimental Archaeologists investigate the past by looking at artefacts.

Stone Age women making tools

Plenty of 'hands on' activities so the children not only 'feel' what it was like to live in the Stone Ages, but also have some memorabillia to display in their classrooms.

Stone age workshop for primary schools with craft activities ks2
Stone Age workshop for schools ks2 with drama and hands on activities

As with all of our workshops, we bring enough costumes for everyone!

Please click here to enquire about the Stone Age workshop and check for available dates.

Stone Age workshops for schools stone age workshops stone age workshops for schools history workshops for schools

Each workshop goes out with 2 members of staff and can be fitted around the normal school timetable.

We bring costumes for everyone (sorry teachers - that doesn't include you!)

We cater for a maximum of 90 children at a time.We carry Public liability insurance and all of our members hold enhanced CRB checks.

Please contact us for more details, or click here to download copies of our policies and risk assessments etc.
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