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history and craft workshops for schools and festivals

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop! The children were engaged, focused and engrossed in all the learning and enriching activities that you arranged."

E Wright, Horizon Primary Academy, Kent

"Brilliant organisation!

Wonderful that children have some memorabillia to take home."

C Burridge, Great Doddington Primary School 

"In over 10 years of teaching this was the best I've ever seen, especially for such a reasonable price. All staff and children had fun and learnt loads."

M Comell & T Daly, Northborough Junior School

"We all thought it was fantastic! Children were engaged the whole day. Children who wouldn't normally participate participated and enjoyed it thorougly!'

K Willett, St Andrew's 

CE Primary School

Excellent activities - children all on task all day - a good all round experience.

Thank you so much!'

A Webzell, Horton Kirby PS

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do we book?

A: Firstly, submit an enquiry via the 'Contact Us' page. We will reply with a selection of available dates and a quote. Next, tell us your preferred date and we will send you a booking form. Once we have received your completed booking form back then we'll send you a copy of the invoice, plus a parental permission slip (required for those workshops where we use face paints and food tasting).

Q: Do the children need to bring costumes?

A: No! We bring around 90 costumes for each workshop. The children normally put these on at the beginning of the day and take them off at the end of the workshop - we just ask that they remove them at lunchtime!

Q: How many children can you cater for at a time?

A: We can cater for up to 90 children at a time, and will run the workshop with all children together for the whole day.

Q: How many staff does the school need to provide?

For 30 children, 1 member of staff.

For 60 children, 3 members of staff for the morning session.

For 90 children, 5 members of staff for the morning session.

Q: What size space do you need?

A: Hall space is always best as our workshops are extremely interactive, we have a lot of equipment, we do a lot of moving around and some of the workshops are a bit messy!

Q: What if we don't have hall space available?

A: For up to 30 children, we can hold the workshop in a classroom. We ask that desks and chairs are cleared/cleared to one side, and children are registered elsewhere so that we have time to set up

Q: We have P.E/Drama rehearsal etc - can you relocate during the workshop?

Due to the nature of the activities we are unable to relocate during the morning session. If you need us to relocate after lunch, then please allow extra time for pack-down, moving equipment and setting up etc.

Q: What about assembly?

Some schools prefer to cancel assembly, but if this is not possible we are very used to working around the hall timetable. In order for the children to get the most out of the workshop we require a 90 minute period where the activities can be left laid out.

Q: What about lunch times?

A: Let us know what time the lunch time staff need the hall, and we will make sure that we finish the morning session in enough time to clear away our equipment. There is a space on the booking form to inform us of this.

Q: What about Breakfast Club?

A: Providing we can access one end of the hall in which to place our equipment, this does not usually effect the time that we start the workshop.

Q: Do you have a lot of equipment?

A: Yes, loads of it, most of it very heavy! It would be great if we can unload near the hall/workshop area please.

Q: Do you need a parking space?

A: Yes please! If none are available, please let us know where else we can park as we'll need to arrive a little earlier.

Q: How long do you need to set up?

A: Each workshop takes around 1 hour to set up, and 20 minutes

to pack down. 

Q: Does the workshop equipment take up a lot of room?

A: During the morning session there will be equipment laid out around the entire workshop space. Once this session has finished we will clear it away to take up a space approximately 5m x 1.5m. 

Q: What happens to the equipment at lunch time?

A: It is normally tidied against one wall of the hall, and will be covered over.

It will take up a space of around 5m x 1.5m.

Q: How do we pay?

A: We will email the invoice to the address on the booking form once your workshop has been confirmed.

Q: When do we pay?

A: Payment is due 30 days after the  date of the workshop .  Invoices will be sent the week of the workshop.

Q: Who should cheques be made payable to?

A: Please make cheques payable to Living History Workshops LTD.

Q: Do you accept Bacs payments?

A: Yes. Details are on the bottom of the invoice.

Q: Do you have the correct Public Liability Insurance?

A: Yes - copies are available on request.

Q: Do you have risk assessments?

A: Yes - copies are available on request.

Q: Do you provide parental permission slips?

A: Yes, once we've received your booking form we will email you permission slips for those workshops that use face paints and food tasting.

Q: Do you take photos?

A: Never without asking! No pictures will ever be published without parental permission and checking with the school/client first.

Q: Do you run workshops outside of schools?

Y: Yes, we often run workshops at festivals, community events and birthday parties - contact us for details.

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