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Ancient History
Workshops for Schools

What was it like?  How did it feel?  Why did they do that?  
How did they do that?  Where did it come from?  
Workshops which are designed to engage your children - minimal talk and lots of action!
Workshops that rely on audience participation and interaction
Workshops that include plenty of 'make-and-do' and 'hands-on' activities.

Stone Age to Iron Age, The Ancient Egyptians, The Ancient Greeks,
The Romans, The Dark Ages (Saxons and Vikings),
Ancient Greek Theatre workshop (whole school/multiple groups),
Drop-in historical 'make-and-do' workshops for festivals & community events

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 "The morning's activities were fantastic.  They kept all our children busy and engaged for 2 hours.  Hands on and practical - just perfect for our 7 and 8 year olds.  The afternoon's activities were great for team-building and logical thinking.  A great success, highly recommended."
  L Whittaker, Loose Primary School    
  "Brilliant organisation!  Wonderful that children have some 
memorabillia to take home." 
C Burridge, Great Doddington Primary School 

Stone Age to Iron Age  (KS 1 & 2) 

What went on during the Stone Age in Britain?  How did man
survive and develop to become the culture that confronted the Romans in AD 43?  Our Stone Age to Iron Age workshop investigates the Hunters & Gatherers of pre-historic Britain, and follows their development through the Bronze Age and into the Iron Age. Up to 90 children - we bring costumes for everyone and lots of hands-on activities.

What you get from a Living History Workshop:
*2 fully trained members of LHW crew with background experience in
drama, music, storytelling, history and working in the school environment.
*An action-packed day designed to keep engaged & entertained!
*We bring enough costumes for every child to dress up!
*REAL artefacts to touch and examine.
*Every child will make a souvenir to take home and keep.
*Workshops which can be adapted to suit specific topic areas, and we 
always link to local history where possible.  

What we ask you to provide:
*Lots of children!
*A large space (we are very used to working around hall lunch times).
*A minimum of 2 members of staff would be appreciated. 

The Roman Experience (KS 1 & 2)

Our Roman Workshop kicks off with a re-enactment of Julius Caesar's landing on British shores, and then considers the Roman impact on Britain after AD43.  Slave Markets, Latin Lessons, Original Artefacts, Roman Banquets and the Roman Pantomime all feature in this highly interactive workshop. 
Up to 90 children -Tunics and Stola are provided for everyone!

The Dark Ages -
Anglo Saxons (KS 1 & 2)
 After your little warriors have been dressed, tattooed and trained in the art of Raiding & Invading, they settle down to experience life in an Anglo Saxon village.  Our Anglo Saxon workshop looks at the settlement of Britain and includes a Dark Age Feast, Traditional Tales, a souvenir to make and keep and a punch-up with the Normans in 1066. Up to 90 children - Dark Age outfits for all.

The Dark Ages - Vikings (KS 1 & 2)
300 years later than the Saxons but just as fierce (and perhaps more hairy!) our Viking workshop features costumes and tattoos for all, Battle Drills, Raiding & Invading, Dark Age Crafts, Original Artefacts and a fierce struggle for supremacy with the Saxons. This highly interactive workshop finishes with a bout of Feasting, Drinking & Storytelling.  Up to 90 children - Dark Age outfits for all.  


The Ancient Greeks (KS 1 & 2)

Set in the ancient Athenian Agora around two-and-a-half thousand-years ago, our Ancient Greeks workshop investigates what we have learnt from the Greeks, and how this ancient civilization affects our culture today.  Featuring Philosophy & Democracy, the Parthenon & the Elgin Marbles,  Spartan Boot Camp, the Olympic Games and our noisy-but-popular Battle of Marathon.  We bring costumes for all!

Ancient Greek Theatre Workshop  (KS 1, 2 & 3)

  • Whole school, smaller groups, whole school assembly
  • Celebrating the Festival of Dionysos  (minus some of the more graphic bits...!)
  • Based on real plays from Aristophanes & Homer
  • An excellent introduction to life in Athens around 450BC - features contemporary issues, real-life characters and specifically designed to link in with Ancient Greek curriculum requirements.
  • *Excellent for team-building and boosting confidence.
  • Masses of follow-up activities - Teacher Notes provided.


The Ancient Egyptians (KS 1 & 2)
From the desert tribes of five thousand years ago to the death of Cleopatra just before Jesus was born, the Ancient Egyptians developed a culture that lasted around 3000 years.  The Ancient Egyptians workshop looks at some of the things that make them so intriguing to us today.  Includes Mummification, Original Artefacts, Tomb Raiding, Belly Dancing, Ancient Crafts and a pewter cartouche to make and keep.  Costumes and Egyptian Eyes for all!

 'Amazing!  So much more interactive for the children
than looking at artefacts in a museum.'
J Blake, Staplecross MCP School.


We also provide drop-in workshops for festivals and outdoor events, where participants of all ages can come and make something 'historical' to take home and keep.   We like to use natural materials where possible, and are proud of our reputation for no plastic and virtually no waste!  If you are hosting an event, and are looking for someone to provide interesting, unusual and entertaining activities for your guests please contact us!

For an excellent description of one of our workshops, held recently at Rodmersham Primary School in Kent, please clink on the link below (opens in a new window.)