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Stone Age to Iron Age Classroom Resources

  Run your own mini-workshop with our interactive historical activity packs.

Complete with fun, workshop video and plenty of tips to get the most out of your topic.

*Based on archaeological evidence

*Mimic the activities that we use in our school workshops

*Tried and tested on thousands of children!

Plastic FREE.   Recylable.   Reusable.   Natural materials.   Authentic, historical hands-on learning.

Ancient Greeks art craft activtiies fridge magnet carving parthenon
Ancient Greek Parthenon History Craft Activity for schools primary ks2
Ancient Greeks History KS2 Craft Activity Primary School

Parthenon Freize Carving Activity Pack  

Learn about the art of ancient sculpture and temples as you carve a piece of the parthenon frieze.   Make your very own fridge magnet to keep as a souvenir! 

All materials provided for a 

class of 30 children.

*Blank Carving Blocks


*Carving tools (child-friendly)

*Work mats

*Instructions/Lesson plan

*Follow-on activity suggestions

Pack of 30 

£78 plus p&p

Ancient Games Pack

Experimental archaeology in your classroom!

Set of 8 ancient games based on archaeological evidence, with natural cotton drawstring bags.

*Rota x 2

*Five Lines x 2

*Nine Mens Morris x 2

*Ludus Latrunculorum x 2

*Instructions/Lesson plan

*Follow-on activity suggestions

Pack of 8 games

£76 plus p&p

Ancient Greeks History Resources for Primary Schools Games Craft Activities ks2
Roman Greek Egyptian Games Set Ludus Resource for Schools Primary ks2

Each pack includes all the materials needed to run a hands-on, learning activity with your class.

Simply start by watching the short video, then let your children do the rest!

Every student makes an authentic, historical souvenir to take home and keep.

Suitable for in-school or home-based learning.

Made-to-order in our small workshop in Dymchurch, Kent.

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