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history and craft workshops for schools and festivals

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop! The children were engaged, focused and engrossed in all the learning and enriching activities that you arranged."

E Wright, Horizon Primary Academy, Kent

"Brilliant organisation!

Wonderful that children have some memorabillia to take home."

C Burridge, Great Doddington Primary School 

"In over 10 years of teaching this was the best I've ever seen, especially for such a reasonable price. All staff and children had fun and learnt loads."

M Comell & T Daly, Northborough Junior School

"We all thought it was fantastic! Children were engaged the whole day. Children who wouldn't normally participate participated and enjoyed it thorougly!'

K Willett, St Andrew's 

CE Primary School

Excellent activities - children all on task all day - a good all round experience.

Thank you so much!'

A Webzell, Horton Kirby PS

Viking Classroom Resources

  Run your own mini-workshop with our interactive historical activity packs.

Complete with fun, workshop video and plenty of tips to get the most out of your topic.

*Based on archaeological evidence

*Mimic the activities that we use in our school workshops

*Tried and tested on thousands of children!

Plastic FREE.   Recylable.   Reusable.   Natural materials.   Authentic, historical hands-on learning.

Page under construction - please call back later to see additional resources!

Viking Amulet Craft Kit for School History Resources KS2

Pewter Amulet Activity Pack

Learn about Viking runes and supersticion whilst making a beautiful pewter amulet.

All materials provided for a class of 30 children.

*Pewter blanks x 30

*Necklace thread


*Engraving tools (child-friendly)


*Work mats x 30

*Instructions/Lesson plan

*Follow-on activity suggestions

Pack of 30

£75 plus p&p

Ancient Games Activity Pack

A set of 8 games based on archaeological evidence - your children will become experimental archaeologists as they work out how to play these authentic ancient games.

*Rota x 2

*Five Lines x 2

*Ludus Latrunculorum x 2

*Nine Mens Morris x 2

*Instructions/Lesson plan

*Follow-on activity suggestions

Pack of 8 games

£76 plus p&p

Viking Games School History Resource Pack KS2 Primary

Picture coming soon

Weaving & Spinning Activity Pack

Making clothes - the Dark Age way!  Once purchased these lovely wooden looms and drop-spindles can be used again and again.  Comes with instruction video to help you get started.

Pack includes:

*15 weaving looms with shuttles & combs

*15 drop spindles

*Natural washed sheeps wool

*Wool (for weaving)

*Instruction video

 *Instructions/Lesson plan

*Follow-on activity suggestions

£165 plus p&p

Leather Bracelet Activity Pack

Your children will each create a real leather bracelet to take home and keep.

Pack includes:

*Leather blanks x 30

*Tools x 30

*Miniature wooden hammers x 30

*Wooden work mats x 30



*Instruction video

*Instructions/Lesson plan

*Follow-on activity suggestions

Pack of 30

£125 plus p&p

Picture coming soon

Please fill in the following form.  

We will then contact you with a final price including delivery.

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Each pack includes all the materials needed to run a hands-on, learning activity with your class.

Simply start by watching the short video, then let your children do the rest!

Every student makes an authentic, historical souvenir to take home and keep.

Suitable for in-school or home-based learning.

Made-to-order in our small workshop in Dymchurch, Kent.

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