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history and craft workshops for schools and festivals

"Thank you for a fantastic workshop! The children were engaged, focused and engrossed in all the learning and enriching activities that you arranged."

E Wright, Horizon Primary Academy, Kent

"Brilliant organisation!

Wonderful that children have some memorabillia to take home."

C Burridge, Great Doddington Primary School 

"In over 10 years of teaching this was the best I've ever seen, especially for such a reasonable price. All staff and children had fun and learnt loads."

M Comell & T Daly, Northborough Junior School

"We all thought it was fantastic! Children were engaged the whole day. Children who wouldn't normally participate participated and enjoyed it thorougly!'

K Willett, St Andrew's 

CE Primary School

Excellent activities - children all on task all day - a good all round experience.

Thank you so much!'

A Webzell, Horton Kirby PS

We specialise in

'Back Door Learning' and 'Serious Fun'

Back Door Learning

(learning without realising)

At the end of a workshop we frequently get comments from children such as 'That was excellent - we haven't done any work all day!' whilst their teacher smiles, confident in the knowledge that their students have learnt a whole bunch of new things without even realising it.

Serious Fun

(learning about serious issues through fun)

Children are never too young to start learning about serious issues such as race, climate change, inequality or just how rare some of our native wildlife is becoming. But no-one likes being preached to - especially young people!

Serious Fun involves raising awareness of important issues through fun and non-invasive activities. Click here to see how Metamorphosis Tours teaches about the plight of the rare Swallowtail Butterfly through a ride on Stripey, the Caterpillar Bus!

The Fairyland Trust is a children's conservation charity that has mastered the art of Back Door Learning and Serious Fun. To take a look at some of their excellent workshops and events, please click here.

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