Living History Workshops - Hands-on History Workshops for Schools
Stone Age workshops for schools. Workshops about the stone ages.  Neolithic workshops.  Flint napping, cavemen, primary school workshops
 Stone Age workshop stone age for school iron age workshop stone age crafts
Stone Age to Iron Age
The development of mankind in Britain from the 
Stone Ages to the Iron Age
A fully interactive workshop designed to encourage children to consider the relationship between technological advancement and lifestyle 

*Costumes & make-up for all
*Drama & re-enactment
*Hands-on activities
*Souvenirs to take home
*Artefacts to handle 
*Lots of fun!

Adjusting the prehistoric landscape... 

Stone Age men using a bow drill...

Investigating the past by looking 
at artefacts...


Stone Age women making knives...

We take your tribe on a journey through time, as we piece together the past using evidence and Experimental Archaeology.

We are able to cater for around 90 children at a time.  We like to keep the tribe together for the duration of the workshop - your biggest gathering place is recommended! 

Part Workshops
A shorter version of this workshop (90 minutes) is available for smaller groups of up to 30 children.

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