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The Romans are coming....
It's the end of the Iron Age - how did life change for the Celts of Britain after the Claudian invasion of 43AD...? 

Full day workshops run for around 3 hours and focus on the Roman Invasion of Britain, why they came here, what they did when they got here and what they left us with.   We bring enough costumes for everyone (no need to ask the parents!) plus a whole host of activities and props to immerse your students in the Roman era.  
For up to 90 children.

We look at another famous Roman attack on Britain, led by Julius Caesar in 55BC - noisy, fun, involves everyone   and comes complete with missiles! 

 Romanisation of the Celts
Walk like a Roman, talk like a Roman and look like a Roman in Britain.  Visit a slave market where the wealthy citizens of the classroom will have money to buy a  slave of their own.
 Armoury, Artefacts & Archaeology
A hands-on carousel session with original artefacts, Roman games and authentic Roman activities.

Roman amulets
Every Roman child would have been given a protective amulet at birth.  
Here the children make their own amulet to take home and keep.
Latin Lesson
Literacy the Roman way...  we bring wax tablets plus a very stern Greek slave with a whip...

The Roman Pantomime
The Romans are famous for replicating the sights, sounds and lifestyle of Rome in every country that they conquered.  We 'build' an amphitheatre in your school, so that the children can take part in a hilarious version of one of Rome's great inventions.

 90 minute workshops - for smaller groups of up to 30 children at a time.
 Can be held in a classroom if necessary - please contact us for details.