Living History Workshops - Hands-on History Workshops for Schools
Booking a workshop

What we can do for YOU:

  • We aim to provide a fully interactive experience - starting at 9.30am and finishing around 2.30pm.
  • We can cater for around 90 children at a time - all day!
  • We bring enough costumes for every child to dress up - all day!
  • Every child makes a souvenir artefact to take home and keep. 
  • We bring REAL artefacts for the children to touch and examine - some of them are over 3000 years old...
  • We can adapt our workshops to suit specific topic areas.
  • We always link to local history where possible.

What you can do for US:

  • For 90 children at a time we need hall space or similar.  During lunch break and lunch set up time we can clear the hall and run 30 minute sessions in classrooms as required.
  • For smaller groups a classroom is sufficient, but it is helpful if the classroom is empty in the morning so that we can set up!
  • In order for the children to get the most out of the activities, it is helpful to have extra members of staff on hand between 9.40am to 11.30am (flexible according to school break times).  
  • Most of our artefacts are small but very REAL-  handling original artefacts is a very important part of the workshops, but it's very upsetting when they get broken.  Please help us to keep a careful eye on them.
  • Please give us your feedback! We're very proud of what we do and we'd like to be the best - please help us by leaving feedback.
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