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Enter the Dark Ages.....

Viking Training Course, Level 1
Anglo Saxon Training Course, Level 1

 By the end of this course your trainees will be fully skilled in areas of 
   *Battle Drill
*Gods, Myths & Storytelling
A must for any would-be Dark Age Warrior!

Why were the Vikings so feared?
 Why did they battle with the Anglo Saxons - and who won?
Why do we still remember the Battle of Hastings today?
What legacy did the Dark Age people leave behind and why are they important to us today?
Full day workshops last around 3 hours and we bring costumes for everyone (no need to ask the parents!)  For up to 90 children.

Dark Age Battle Drill
An important part of staying alive is knowing how to fight as a team..

Amulet Making
Dark Age jewellery was not just made to look pretty - it could also be used as a token of good luck.  Every trainee goes home with a leather or pewter pendant that they have crafted themselves.
Dark Age Settlement
From spinning & weaving to artefact identification - a carousel of hands-on activities designed to test your trainees' ability to survive in the 
Dark Ages...

Dark Age Feast
After a hard day of battle, burials and building, what better way to relax than with a Dark Age Feast?  
Establish who's in charge, sort out the rules and try your hand at some Dark Age sports.

The History Detectives and the 'Mini Museum'
Explore different historical sources and their interpretation
 as we handle original artefacts

The Witan's Choice & The Battle of Hastings (Anglo Saxons only!)
A look at the battle which changed the course of England, and brought about the end of the Saxon era.  From Saxons to Normans - in around 30 minutes!

We will place an emphasis on the era of your choice - please let 
us know whether your trainees are studying the 
Vikings, the Anglo Saxons, or both!

Part Workshops
Our part workshops last around 90 minutes and can be held in a classroom if necessary.  The Dark Age Feast is one of the activities that is not included (there's just not enough time!) but we still bring costumes, props and a whole range of activities to thoroughly engage your students. 
 For up to 30 children.