Living History Workshops - Interactive Historical Workshops for Schools
Workshops for Outdoor Events
Historical Storytelling
Tales, anecdotes and performances from the Ancient Egyptians to present day - bring your
event to life with an historical tale.  From 15 minute to 45 minute performances.
Audience participation a must!
  • Woodland Archery:  we bring our own archery range, and supply natural materials for the children to make their own bows and arrows.
  • Dark Age Jewellery:  from recycled leather or pewter, each person makes a usable item to take home and keep.
  • Shield Making and Battle Drill:  lively and lots of fun!
  • Wattle and Dawb
  • Costume Making
  • Castle Building
  • Beginner's Archaeology
  • Dark Age Burials - (with models!)
  • Felt Making