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Covering the new 2014
Primary History Curriculum
A big thank you to everyone who took part in our Woodland Archery and Ancient Crafts at Pevensey Food and Wine Festival.  Over 400 children (and some adults!) fletched their own arrows, carved Stone Age pendants, embossed leather bracelets and made pewter rings.  Photos can now be found on our Facebook page.
Living History Workshops for Schools
Hunting, Gathering i& Ceremonial Sites in pre-historic Britain, followed by Bronze Age technology and Iron Age delights. All served with costumes for everyone, hands-on activities and a huge dollop of fun.
The Romans
The unstoppable Roman Army,  Caesar 'v' the Celts and the Roman impact on Britain.  Served with Latin Lessons, Slave Markets, Banquets, Artefacts & a trip to the Amphitheatre.
 Battle Drills, the Anglo Saxon village and the settlement of Britain.  Served with a Dark Age Feast and traditional tales, and all topped off with a punch-up with the Normans in 1066.
The Vikings
More Battle Drills, Raiding & Invading, followed by a  delicious struggle for supremacy with the Saxons.  Dark Age Crafts, Activities & Artefacts precede a finale of Feasting, Drinking & Storytelling.
 A two-and-a-half thousand-year-old serving of Agora, Parthenon & Elgin Marbles, topped with Spartan Boot Camp, Olympic Games & Philosophy and finished with our noisy-but-popular 
Battle of Marathon. 
A rotation of Egyptian delicacies, including Belly Dancing,
Ancient Crafts, Tomb Raiding and a pewter Cartouche to make and keep.This course includes an option for student mummification - please ask for details.
  • Catering for around 60 children at a time - all day! 
  • We bring enough costumes for every child to dress up - all day!
  • Souvenir artefacts to make and keep. 
  • Drama, costume, food, music, storytelling, interaction and most importantly...FUN!
  • REAL artefacts to touch and examine.
  • All of our workshops can be adapted to suit specific topic areas, and we always link to local history where possible.
'Very hands on.  Very age appropriate.  Great variety of activities...Best workshop we've had!'
A Stanley, Northolmes Junior School
'Amazing!  So much more interactive for the children than looking at artefacts in a museum.'
J Blake, Staplecross MCP School.
'We all thought it was fantastic! Children were engaged the 
whole day.  Children who wouldn't normally participate 
took part and enjoyed it thoroughly!'
K Willett, St Andrew's CE Primary School
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We believe that history should be fun, with less talk & more do! 
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